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Essay on My Best Friend for Students & Children

Shikshasanjal 2 min read

Friends are very important in our lives. I have a few intimate friends at school and outside. I love and respect all of them. Still, I like a particular friend above the others. He is Rohit, my best friend. He is one of my classmates. We have been at the same school for the last five years. I spend most of my time with Rohit. He has impressed me a lot. He is also like a member of my own family.

Rohit is a talented student. He is one of the toppers of the class. He works very hard. He is sincere in his duties. He is very friendly and cooperative. It is Rohit who helps me with my school homework when I encounter difficulties. He has always tried to instill the reading habit in me.

Rohit is a very polite and disciplined person. He never tells lies. He is always neat and clean. He is a handsome boy with a robust body. He is conscious about his health. He is always careful to avoid bad company.

My best friend is a good sportsman. He actively takes part in extracurricular activities. He excels especially in football. He has won a number of trophies for the school from inter-school sports competitions. He is also good at painting.

Rohit is also a good orator. As a matter of fact, I used to be a reserved person and dreaded addressing crowds. It is Rohit who continuously encouraged me to come forward and speak in front of the masses. As a result, I gradually overcome my weakness. Now I enjoy public speaking very much. I am very obliged to Rohit in this regard too.

Rohit comes from a poor family. He has understood the limitations of his parents. He never overspends money. He is quite economical. What I like about him most is the way he manages with very little money.

Rohit is an interesting man. He is liked by all friends and teachers. He is somewhat humorous too. He removes our boredom by cracking interesting but decent jokes during recess time. He is very friendly and cooperative. During his absence, I always miss him. I am glad that I have his friendship. I will always keep it up.