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Essay on Women Empowerment For Students and Children | 400+ Words

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Women occupy more than fifty percent of the total world population. Generating women’s power is referred to as women empowerment. The prime keys to their empowerment, which are academic enhancement, economic independence, and removal of discriminatory laws, play crucial roles in strengthening and boosting their status; and ultimately human prosperity and dignity accelerate to the completeness of human civilization.

Women empowerment plays a vital role to gear up the pace of development of a well-cultured and just society. If women are weaker, development paces slowly. As most of the women in our unjust societies have not been provided fundamental rights, special programs to empower them seem to be key measures. It is said that ‘men and women are like two wheels of a cart’; this aphorism cannot be ignored as it exists in the core of reality. Unless women are as able as men, the existing discriminatory laws and disparity hinder women's rights. Aptly balanced and richly harmonious social enhancement attributes to women empowerment. That’s why women's empowerment, the key factor to social prosperity, proves to be a must to gear up the acceleration of humanity.

The prime keys to women’s empowerment contribute to the process of gaining control over self, ideology, and the resources that generate and consolidate their potentiality and inherent capability. Several factors affect their empowerment among which firstly academic attainment and upliftment play the determining roles. If they are appropriately well-educated, richly skilled, and amply alert, they automatically get empowered. Therefore, providing equality in educational opportunity plus special provision to empower them certainly lead them to their complete empowerment.

Secondly, economic independence importantly contributes to women’s empowerment. If women are economically independent they don’t have to abide by the deeply rooted domination of men, and ultimately they can enjoy the right to prosperity when they have adequate access to the resources to generate stable incomes. That’s why academic upliftment and economic independence is the measure to empower women.

Furthermore, by repealing discriminatory laws of the state, the status of women in developing countries can be promoted because it encourages the women to be empowered. For instance, women have been provided with parental property rights; it definitely empowers them. Therefore, the legal provision to empower women seems to be a prerequisite to other measures.

Women's empowerment significantly contributes to human prosperity and dignity. Because of various social and legal factors which have been deeply rooted, special provisions to empower women have to be implemented. The prime measure to women's empowerment is the legal removal of inequality between men and women.