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Essay on Diwali (Tihar) Festivals for students|500+ Words

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Deepawali or Tihar is the second greatest Hindu festival after Dashain which is celebrated for five days in either Kartik or Mangsir( November). It is a festival of lights, flowers, sweets, and kites. During festivals, birds and animals are worshipped.

Deepawali is observed for five days which are also called Yama Panchak. According to the mythology, it is celebrated especially by the sister in memory of the Yamuna and her brother Yamraj or Yama, the God of death. The first day is observed as Kag Tihar (Crow Festivals) on which day crow is worshipped and given food on leaf plate in the early morning. It is believed that crow is the messenger of both good and bad news. The second day is Kukur Tihar (Dog Festivals) on which day dog is worshipped, put garland around their necks and offered various food which is considered the gatekeeper of Yama.

Goddess Laxmi is worshipped on the third day, i.e. Laxmi Pooja as the goddess of wealth. on the same day, the cow is worshipped as an incarnation of Laxmi. People start lighting candles or oil-lit clay lamps called palas in the different parts and corners of their houses from this day. The fourth day is Goru Tihar, the day of the oxen that are used widely to plow the field in Nepal. People apply oil on its horns, worship it and give delicious food including selroti. It is also called Govardhan Puja day and the mountain of cow dung is worshipped.

The fifth day and the most important day is Bhai Tika. on this day, sister worships their brother, put seven colour special tika on their forehead and Makhmali garland around the neck. They wish their brother good health and long life and offer delicious food and dry fruits. In return, the Brothers offer Tika, gifts, money, and clothes to their sisters.

Tihar helps us to strengthen the relationship between brother and sister. People also participate in Deusi and Bhailo which gives them full entertainment and helps to meet each other. Children enjoy by eating delicious food and bread which is cooked every one house.

Although Tihar helps to enhance our relation, some people misuse it. Especially children and youths make fireworks which may lead to serious accidents. While Performing Bhailo people demand high some the money which is also one of the bad aspects of Tihar. Drinking, gambling, extravagance, and over-eating are some evils aspects of the festivals. we should try to avoid them and make the Tihar a purely decent and joyous festival.

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