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Essay on Discipline for student and children in English

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Discipline is the art of training the mind and character, with the goal of cultivating self-control, obedience, sincerity, honesty, and other virtues. It is an important value we must develop in ourselves. Discipline plays a significant role in the enhancement of a prosperous life.

Discipline is a key to success and betterment. Discipline does not only mean following specific rules but to accommodate a different atmosphere. If one fails to do so, failure and downfall are inevitable. The people who obey rules sincerely and honestly are called disciplined and who don't follow them are called indisciplined. It is said that discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. People from civilized society were disciplined and they are heartily welcomed, liked, and loved by others. 

Discipline is best inculcated in childhood. It then helps us through life. One who is disciplined is time-conscious and punctual. Being punctual helps us complete our tasks on time. Similarly, everyone respects the people who are well-disciplined. Discipline makes us complete our duties and responsibilities properly.

Discipline is equally important for all. At school, students as well as teachers are expected to be disciplined. If they are not disciplined, teaching and learning activities cannot be successful. In order to organize an institute properly, all the concerned members should be disciplined.

Discipline is said to be the key to success. If we wish to have our life successful and happy, we must be disciplined. Small children should be taught discipline at home and at school. The parents and the teachers should be the models of well-disciplined and civilized people, then the small children learn discipline from them automatically. And ultimately discipline cultivates human civilization, dignity, and prosperity.