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Section Officer (sakha adhikrit) - Qualification, Syllabus, Sallary

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Section Officer (Sakha Adhikrit) is one of the popular and prestigious post in Nepal. Lok Sewa Aayog conducts the exam for Sakha Adhikrit. The medium of written examination is Nepali or English. If you answer multiple-choice questions incorrectly, you will get 20 percent fewer marks for each wrong answer and if the answer is not given no marks will deduct.

Qualification for Sakha Adhikrit

  • At least 21 years of age and not less than 35 years of age till the last date of application (not less than 40 years for women and persons with disabilities) can apply for Sakha Adhikrit.
  • Bachelor's Degree in any course from a prestigious University

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Filling of posts in the Sakha Adhikrit is done through open competition and promotion.
(A) Open Competition: An open competition is an arrangement whereby those who are willing and eligible to enter the service by inviting advertisements in public will be filled through a competitive examination on an open and inclusive basis.
(B) Promotion: Promotion is a system of competitive written examination and service from among the employees working in the nearest lowest position within the group.

Salary of Sakha Adhikrit 2079

The government has decided to hike the salary of Section Officer, Deputy Secretary, Joint Secretary and Chief Secretary by 18 percent.  The current Salary of Sakha Adhikrit is NRS. 43,688.


Download Syllabus of Sakha Adhikrit: