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Pokhara University - Courses, Eligibility, Colleges, Scholarship

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Pokhara University (PU) is the fifth university in Nepal established in 1997 AD. Pokhara University's administrative office locates in the Pokhara Lekhnath Municipality, Kaski district. The Prime Minister is the chancellor of the university.

Pokhara University established with the vision of "to be a pioneer in the advancement of education through quality education, well-being, and community service".

Pokhara University operates four faculties which include different programs. Each course is based on the semester framework. All Bachelor and Master degrees are conveyed over eight and four semesters respectively.


Pokhara University Highlights

The important highlights around Pokhara University (KU) are mentioned in the below:

  • Year of Establishment - 1997
  • Also, Known as - PU, Pokhara University
  • Location - Pokhara Lekhnath Municipality,  Kaski district
  • Chancellor - Prime Minister of Nepal
  • University type - Private
  • Official Website -

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Pokhara University Rankings

According to the Webometrics, Pokhara University (PU) is the third-ranked university in Nepal and 9592nd  ranked in World University Rankings.


Grading System in Pokhara University

Pokhara University follows the following grading system in Bachelor Level

Grade   Point     Remarks

A            4.0       Excellent

A-           3.7

B +         3.3      Good

B            3.0

B-           2.7

C+          2.3      Fair

C            2.0

C-          1.7

D+         1.3     Satisfactory

D           1.0

F           0.0      Fail


Pokhara University Courses

Pokhara University operates different programs through the four faculties.

  • Faculty of Management Studies
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Management
    • Master of Business Administration
    • Master of Business Administration (Finance)
    • Master of Business Administration (Global Business)
    • Master of Health Care Management
    • Master of Business Administration (Executive)
    • Master of Computer Information System
    • Bachelor of Business Administration
    • Bachelor of Business Administration – Banking and Insurance
    • Bachelor of Business Administration - Travel and Tourism
    • Bachelor of Computer Information System
    • Bachelor of Hotel Management
    • Bachelor in Health Care Management
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Health Care Management
  • Faculty of Sciences and Technology
    • Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Water Resource Management (M.Sc. IWRM)
    • Master of Science in Computer Science (M.Sc. Computer)
    • Master of Science in Information Systems Engineering
    • Master of Science in Environmental Management
    • Master of Science in Natural Resources Management
    • Master of Science in Construction Management
    • Master of Science in Transportation Engineering & Management
    • Master of Science in Computer Engineering
    • Master of Science in Structural Engineering
    • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering in Power System
    • Master of Science in Hydropower Engineering
    • MSc in Public Health & Disaster Engineering
    • Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology
    • Bachelor of Architecture
    • Bachelor of Civil Engineering
    • Bachelor of Software Engineering
    • Bachelor of Computer Engineering
    • Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering
    • Bachelor of Civil & Rural Engineering
    • Bachelor of Civil Engineering for Diploma Holders
    • Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management
    • Bachelor of Computer Application
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
    • Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Natural Product Chemistry
    • Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Clinical Pharmacy
    • Master of Public Health in Health Promotion Education
    • Master of Public Health in Health Service Management
    • M.Sc. In Medical Microbiology
    • M.Sc. In Medical Biochemistry
    • Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science
    • Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology
    • Bachelor of Public Health
    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
    • Bachelor of Science in Medical Microbiology
    • Bachelor of Science in Medical Biochemistry
    • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
    • Bachelor of Optometry
    • Bachelor of Nursing in Science (Oncology)
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities
    • Master of Philosophy in English (MPhil English)
    • Master of Arts in English (MA English)
    • Master in Population, Gender, and Development (MPGD)
    • Master of Development Studies (MDEVS)
    • Bachelor of Development Studies (BDEVS)
    • Bachelor of English and Communication Studies


Eligibility Criteria

The basic eligibility requirements for registration in the courses offered by Pokhara University are mentioned below:

  • Undergraduate (Bachelor Level)

    • Intermediate graduate from a recognized board with a minimum 2.0 CGPA.


  • Postgraduate (Master Level)
    • Bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.5 CGPA in relevant discipline.


  • Ph.D.
    • Master’s degree in relevant discipline with 55% marks.



The scholarships and financial supports are only given to those students who graduate from government and non-government schools or colleges.


Affiliated Colleges of Pokhara University

  1. Nepal Engineering College, Bhaktapur, Nepal

  2. School of Environmental Science and Management, Kathmandu, Nepal

  3. Brihaspati College, Goligadh-9, Rupandehi, Nepal

  4. Tilottama Campus, Yogikuti, Rupandehi, Nepal

  5. Gandaki College of Engineering and Science, Kaski, Nepal

  6. Institute of Advance Communication, Education and Research Center, Kathmandu, Nepal

  7. Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College, Kaski, Nepal

  8. Pokhara Engineering College, Kaski, Nepal

  9. Ace Institute of Management, Kathmandu, Nepal

  10. Apex College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  11. V.S. Niketan College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  12. Universal Engineering & Science College, Lalitpur, Nepal

  13. National Open College, Lalitpur, Nepal

  14. LA Grande International College, Kaski, Nepal

  15. Crimson College of Technology, Rupandehi, Nepal

  16. Oxford College of Engineering and Management, Nawalparasi, Nepal

  17. Lumbini Engineering College, Rupandehi, Nepal

  18. National Academy of Science and Technology, Kailali, Nepal

  19. Nepal College of Information Technology, Lalitpur, Nepal

  20. Nobel College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  21. Cosmos College of Management and Technology, Lalitpur, Nepal

  22. Everest Engineering and Management College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  23. Pokhara College of Management, Kaski, Nepal

  24. Brixton College, Kanchanpur, Nepal

  25. Excel Business College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  26. Atlantic International College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  27. Axis College, Rupandehi, Nepal

  28. Liberty College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  29. Siddhartha International College, Rupandehi, Nepal

  30. Camad College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  31. Uniglobe College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  32. Citizen College, Lalitpur, Nepal

  33. SAIM College, Lalitpur, Nepal

  34. Kshitiz International College, Rupandehi, Nepal

  35. Quest International College, Lalitpur, Nepal

  36. Alpine Management College, Banke, Nepal

  37. Platinum Management College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  38. Amity College, Kanchanpur, Nepal

  39. Victoria International College, Dang, Nepal

  40. Rapti Engineering College, Dang, Nepal

  41. Nepal Western Management and Engineering College, Kailali, Nepal

  42. Ritz Hospitality Management College, Lalitpur, Nepal

  43. Shahid Ramnath Dahal Smriti College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  44. Boston International College, Chitwan, Nepal

  45. CIST College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  46. Butwal Model College, Rupandehi, Nepal

  47. Apollo International College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  48. United Technical College, Chitwan, Nepal

  49. Modern Technical College, Lalitpur, Nepal

  50. Rajdhani Model College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  51. Atharva Business College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  52. Subhashree Academic International College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  53. Medhavi College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  54. Valley State College, Chitwan, Nepal

  55. Imperial Business College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  56. Central College of Business Management, Kathmandu, Nepal

  57. Malpi International College, Kathmandu, Nepal

  58. College of Engineering & Management, Banke, Nepal