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Smart Driving License Online Registration Form 2024

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Driving Licence in Nepal is a legal document issued by the Department of Transport Management (DoTM) that allows a person to drive a motor vehicle. The driving license is mandatory for cars, motorcycles, three-wheeled vehicles (rickshaws), autorickshaws, and other types of vehicles in Nepal.

The government of Nepal distributes driving licenses from the seven.

There are different types of driving licenses:

  1. A - Motorcycle, Scooter, Moped
  2. B - Car, Jeep, Delivery Van
  3. C - Tempo, Auto Rickshaw
  4. C1 - E-Rickshaw
  5. D - Power Tiller
  6. E - Tractor
  7. F - Minibus, Minitruck
  8. G - Truck, Bus, Lorry
  9. H - Road Toller, Dozer
  10. I - Crane, Fire Brigade, Loader
  11. J - Excavator, Forklift
  12. K - Scooter, Moped


Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining Driving Licence in Nepal

1. You must hold a valid Nepali passport.

2. You must be at least 18 years old and below 65 years.

3. You must have passed Class 8 standard or its equivalent.

4. Your eyesight should be at least 0.5 in both eyes with or without glasses or contact lenses, and 0.6 with spectacles (if required).

How to get a driving license in Nepal?

A driving Licence in Nepal is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. If you fail to renew your license within one year, you will have to re-take all the tests again. Some of us have to pay the meditator for the application as we do not know how to apply online. So here we are giving you the procedure on how to apply for a driver's license online.


 You can apply for a driving license either through the official government website or by visiting the nearest DoTM office.

Online Driving License Application Form

To Apply for a smart driving license in Nepal online you have to submit an online driving license form and follow the below-mentioned step by step guidelines:

New Method:

First of all, to fill the application, go to ( and create your own user ID and password. It is not possible to fill the form directly as before.

After creating the user ID and password yourself, login the form and fill in your three-page details as before. When filling in the details, a copy of citizenship should also be submitted online.

Similarly, the fee for the form can also be paid online. After filling the form and clicking on 'Payment' at the end, the amount can be paid through Connect IPS. Otherwise, you can make a voucher online, print it and take it to the bank to pay the fee.

After submitting the form, the person selected in the application is called to the office for physical examination and photography. The written test will be conducted only after the physical examination and photograph has been taken. The trial will be held only on the next day of the written test.

Old Method

  • Go to the official website of the Department of Transport Management ( Click on Online Driving License System or click here.
  • Click on the 'Online Driver's License System' link in the 'Important Links' section on the right side.
  • Clicking on the link will open a new window. now Click on 'Online Driving License Registration' written in blue at the top.
  • In the next window, select Nepal in 'Citizenship', apply for a new license, and click on 'Proceed'.
  • Clicking on 'Proceed' will open the form. Fill the required information in the form (you have to fill the ‘category’ and ‘mobile number’) Click on ‘submit’ at the end


if you fall within the specified quota of 15,000, your online form will be accepted otherwise department will inform you that the quota has been completed for today and your form will not be accepted.

  • The paper mentions the time for your biometric.
  • You will need to arrive at the nearest transportation office with the application form, your citizenship, and other documents at the specified time mentioned on the verifications page.
  • Biometrics involves taking photographs of the applicant and fingerprints. You will also receive information about your written test date.


Driving License Application via in-person

  • Visit the DoTM office near you.
  • you will get a driving license form and medical test form at Rs, 25 each.
  • Fill out the form and submit it to the DoTM’s officers.


After completing the registration process you have to pay Rs 500 for a written examination and you will get a receipt and an admit card.

Driving Test Procedure in Nepal

The driving test has two parts written and a practical exam. 

1 Written Examination 

A written Examination will be taken the next day after you finish the registration process. In the examination, there will be 20 objective questions regarding the traffic rules and regulations. You will qualify for the practical exam if you secure at least 10 right answers.

How to check Driving Licence written exam results?

Driving Licence written exam results will be announced on the same day after 4 pm. you can check your result at the entrance gates of the relevant offices or You can also check your results on the DoTM’s website or via SMS by texting ‘WT Application ID’ to 31003

2 Practical Exam (Trails)

Once you pass the written exam you can take a Driving skill test (practical exam) by paying Rs 500 and you will get the schedule for the driving skill test. In case of a failure, you can reapply after 90 days of the registration form with the same procedure from the beginning.

DoTM’s layouts for the practical test for driving licenses are as follows:

  • Garage Parking test
  • 8 shaped track
  • Speed breaker test
  • U-turn
  • Traffic signal test
  • Ramp test
  • Speed, Gear, and Timing test

if you fail, you can take a retest after 30 days. However, if you fail the third time, you will have to reapply and go through the process from the beginning.

After passing the trail, you have to go DoTM with the admit card, passport size photo, and original citizenship certificate. Then you need to pay Rs.1500 for a motorcycle and scooter and Rs 4000 for the car and a jeep.

Temporarily you will get a slip to qualify for driving until your smart driving license card gets ready.