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Essay on Importance of Education in 500 words in English

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Essay in Education in 200 Words

Education is the key to opportunity, knowledge, and personal growth. It is the most important factor in the development of human civilization. Education provides the nation with skilled manpower, promotes national unity, and uplifts the consciousness of the people.

Educated People are considered the greatest wealth of a  nation because they can make optimum utilization of other means and resources available. America, Britain, and Japan for instance are developed mainly due to their advanced education while India along with several South Asian and African countries remains backward due to poor education. Education is considered the first and foremost infrastructure because it supplies all kinds of skilled manpower needed for national development.

Education is also essential for the success of democracy. Only educated people can make better choices of their voting rights. They help to form sound public opinion that can guide the government properly. They play constructive roles both in developmental and administrative activities.

Education is now recognized as a basic need and a fundamental right of all. It is the third eye of everyone and the best wealth one can possess. Education is neither detachable nor taxable and dividable but expandable at expense. To conclude education is the greatest and unique wealth of every individual and nation.

Essay in Education in 500 Words

Education is one of the most important needs of human beings. It is the light of life that brings from darkness to brightness. Without education, a man is like an animal. He can't distinguish between good and bad right or wrong. Only education helps to make us successful human beings. Education can gain formally or informally. Formally, individuals gain an education by attending schools, colleges, and universities. Informally,s/he gains education at home or anywhere else.

Education provides insight and competency. An educated person has a better opportunity of getting a job. if a country has sufficient educated citizens, it can move towards development. Every country needs skilled manpower for their development and education to produce various skilled manpower like doctors, engineers, professors, administrators, etc. And they can perform their duties in a better manner. Educated farmers apply scientific methods of agriculture and produce more crops. Similarly, skilled doctors give better treatment to their patients. It is education that has enabled people to reach the moon. Education plays a significant role in addressing issues like hunger, disease, and poverty.

Today, Education has great importance. A person without education is considered like an animal that has lost its horns and tail. A person without education neither has a good potential to do any work, nor good thinking power. An educated person is more likely to complete his work successfully, leading to greater achievements in life. A conservative society can experience positive changes when its people are educated. The social evils that are prevalent in society can be abolished if people have an education. Moreover, the development of society depends upon the number of educated people.

Similarly, the world has been greatly changed till now. The stone-aged men are developed to be civilized and much more powerful in this world. The reason behind this surprising achievement is nothing except education. Still, we can find some races of people living in the forest with the traditional practice. Even in this 21st century are roaming in the forest. This is because of a lack of education. We even can find that the country develops if the citizens are educated. The prosperity of a country is positively influenced by the presence of a well-educated population. A handicapped person can find their place in the world and thrive with the help of education.

Today the world has changed unexpectedly. The advancement of technology allows humans to achieve feats like flying in the sky and exploring the depths of the sea, thanks to progress in education and science. The world has been changed into a global village because of the extraordinary contribution made by education in the field of science and technology. Moreover, for harmonious utilization of resources and possibilities around and within us, education is mandatory.

To sum up, education has great importance. The person's birth will be meaningless if he doesn't achieve an education in his life. Because of its high importance, education must be provided to everyone. None must be deprived of education.