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7 Websites That Offer Free Online Courses With Certificates 

Shikshasanjal 3 min read

The pandemic of coronavirus forced all the people to stay in the home. Spending time without any task may not be fruitful. In such a case, we can utilize our time to develop or sharp our skills.

There are a lot of websites which provides free university course from where you can upskill yourself. I have listed 7 best websites that offer free certificate courses that can be a boon for all.


1. Coursera 

Coursera provides both paid and free online courses in collaborations with popular universities like Michigan, Stanford, and colleges like Imperial College London. Similarly, it integrates with companies like Google and IBM.

More than Five thousand course is available and 70 million learners get benefits from Coursera.

Students can get the degree of certification of various subjects such as data science, mathematics, machine learning, business, engineering, computer science, humanities, medicine, biology, and many others.

Popular Course: Business, Computer Science, Data Analysis.

2. EDX 

EDX is a non-benefit online activity with accomplices from Harvard and MIT. EDX offers free online courses from the world's best colleges such as MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, UT, and numerous colleges.

Popular Course: Computer Science, Language, Data Science, Business and Management, Engineering.

Free courses include medicine, biology, physics, chemistry, economics, computer science, engineering, history, humanities, law, literature, math, statistics, and more others.

3. Bit Degree 

Bit Degree courses are of a wide variety and downsized. It provides free certificates for the online course and you can even become an instructor here.

Popular Course: Web Development, Data Science, Game Development.

It has more than 200 courses available so start learning by filtering your stream. More than 2 million students enrolled already.

4. Alison 

Alison provides the majority of the free courses for programming language and Artificial Intelligence. It is a platform that arranges many free courses with certificates accessible everywhere on the web and give them to the student.

It is the best platform for a programmer who wants to learn new or upgrade skills.


5. Udemy 

Udemy is one of my best online learning platforms. It has more than 100,000 courses where you can get both free and paid courses. The paid course can begin from $4. It has a variety of courses from programming language to human management, there is everything on Udemy.

It is an alternative to YouTube. The main difference is you can get certificates in Udemy but not on YouTube. You can get the best learning experience.


 6. Swayam

Swayam is the best free online course provider form hundreds of Indian top universities. Swayam is initiated by the Government of India. One aspect that separates it from others is it allows students in India to earn academic credit online. More than 20 million students have taken courses from Swayam

7. Saylor

Saylor provides the free online course with certificates, and you additionally get college credit. Saylor courses cover almost all the courses in free of cost. It may be helpful in the midst of the pandemic so enroll now and build your skills.

List of Free Online Courses with certificates that were also popular among the learner are:

  • Google Digital Garage
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Microsoft
  • Udacity



In the above list of the free learning platform, you can also get certificates from the online classes, but some websites may charge the hidden cost of certificates.